Dec 18

Tips For Girls to Get Ready For College Function

Grades are important for leading a comfortable life after college, but what is more important is to have fun and enjoy the best phase of your life. These are the best days of your life. No matter, what you do in the future and how you shape your career, one thing is sure that these days will never return again. For all the teenager out there who are supposed to join college soon, should gear up to face the challenges and make the best of the carefree days of your life. Your entry in the college will be marked by a lot of celebrations and welcome parties. The article talks bout the various ways with which you can get perfectly ready for the parties. Have a look at them.

1. Keep it simple

The key is to keep it simple, sleek and sophisticated. You don’t have to go over the board to look good and different. The subtle appearance is the most ‘in’ thing these days. However, you can experiment with your style and choice of color as well as with your hair style.

2. Clothing and footwear

Right from the short skirt and log gowns to denim jeans, anything can get you perfectly ready for the function. You just need to have the right ensemble of the accessories and footwear. On some occasions, you can even don a casual look. Try something funky and fun. Something like cat themed apparel will really prove to a head-turner. However, this look is perfect for casual occasions only. Pair a cat stockings with your skirt and this will give you an edgy look, even in this simple attire.

3. Makeup

Keep the make simple. Apply a layer of base followed by the mineral foundation as it looks natural. The color mascara and lip gloss should be light and should complement your skin tone. Blushes help you look awake. Don’t overdo the makeup. Keep it simple and natural. Eye makeup is must for such occasions. Black smoky eyes will do all the magic for you.

4. Handbags

The appearance is incomplete without a handbag. Tote bags are ideal for college going students. The cat themed bags, especially, the cat tote bags available at meowingtons.com are perfect for casual as well as formal occasions. You can pair them with almost all your outfit. The functional and fashionable pieces are spacious enough to keep all your belonging safe and the feline printed on them can take your style up a notch. Apart from the cat tote, you can even try satchels and shoulder bags that matches the color of your outfit.

So, these are the ways that can help you don the best and the most attention grabbing look at the event. However, you need not follow the same step on every occasion. at times, your can even change you appearance. This will be a pleasant change for the onlookers. You need to keep one thing in mind the attire, makeup and the entire appearance should be as per the occasion and place. Analyze the need of the hour and dress accordingly.